Engineering & Production

From design to realization of your tank

Our engineers distinguish themselves by their great knowledge of the specific requirements per industry. They put this expertise into practice in designing and calculating storage tanks, pressure tanks and other parts of production facilities for customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Tank design

Designing a tank is a process on which we collaborate with the client to the greatest extent possible. It is co-makership under management of an experienced project engineer. The product and your process desires always form the starting point. We subsequently test the design for, among other things, hygiene and cleanability (EHEDG), laws and regulations, standards, practical applicability, future-orientation, and economic feasibility. A project is only ready for engineering once you have approved the drawings, and once the entire design has been internally tested by the quality inspector. Since 2005, our modelling has been carried out in 3D, whereby we can if so desired deliver the 3D files for your own engineering packages.

Certification, standards and regulations

A licensing procedure can be a complicated matter. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is important to carry out a good inventory of the standards etc. the installation (and tank) needs to comply with. Here, the regulatory bodies can reference various norms and standards during licensing, such as PGS 29, PGS 30, PGS 31, EN 14015 and EN 13445. Naturally, Gpi is knowledgable in the application of these regulations. We can professionally advise you on the acquisition of the correct licences, and can furthermore support you during the talks with governmental institutions.


Gpi produces all manner of stainless steel tank types and sizes for all sorts of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food-processing and general storage industries. Each of Gpi’s own production locations is geared towards specific products in terms of its staff, technology and machinery (including laser cutting equipment, automated plasma and orbital welding equipment). From small high-quality pharmaceutical process kettles to high-pressure reactors and storage tanks with a maximum diameter of approximately 12 metres. Larger storage vessels – of up to 25 metres in diameter and a capacity of 7,000 m³ – are realised by our own teams on your location. Furthermore, we do not process any carbon steel. This is a conscious choice as part of our quality principles.

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Production locations

On the Handelsweg in Lopik, we build smaller process tanks, measuring up to 20 m3, in four separate halls. These tanks are meant for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. All of the employees have their own workplaces, equipped with, for example, precise grinding devices and orbital welding equipment, for optimum results.

We realise tanks from 20 m3 up to approximately 500 m3 at our location on the Bedrijfsweg. Sophisticated logistics and modern welding equipment ensure fast and high-quality production.

In Groot-Ammers, on the banks of the river Lek, we are able to build tanks with a diameter of approximately 25 metres and up to a height of 30 metres. These can be loaded onto a ship and transported to the client.

At our location that belongs 100% to us in Brzeg, Poland, we manufacture tanks, stairs, platforms and construction works in serial production

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